1993 220TE ATF Fluid



I need to top up to the full mark on the dipstick - the gearbox is transmission 722428 03 341906 .

The existing oil is clean as a whistle and clear in colour ( i.e. is not coloured red)

I understand that recommended oils are Shell Donax TAD, Castrol TQD, BP Autran MBX and the info I get from the internet on all of these is that they all are red in colour.

My questions are

1) I have Fuchs ATF 3000 which is red and according to its spec is suitable for my car

2) are clear and red fluids compatible/interchangeable - I don't want to have to drain and refill if I can avoid it ?

3) The gearbox dipstick is marked with a dual graduation one one side in Centigrade and on the other side the same dual graduation in Fahrenheit.
On the centigrade side there appears to be a maximum notch at 80C and lower down the dipstick, a minimum notch at 30C - the corresponding F numbers on the other side are 180 and 90.

Is this an alternative reading for a hot box and a cold box ?

Any info will be much appreciated


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Apr 7, 2009
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Hi, I'm not a Machanic and cant answer with reference to the tech questions but, I have a W124 300TD, the ATF should be replaced every 36000 miles. I didnt know when it was last changed so I had it replaced this week by my local Independant Merc Specialist. The result is brilliant, I thought the gearbox was smooth at changing before the replacement ATF and filters, but its even better now and well worth the cost.
OK, different engine and I dont know if the boxes are the same, but if you dont know when the last ATF change was I'd recommend you get the ATF changed at a decent Indy Garage with MB approved fluid and filters.


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Oct 10, 2007
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1995 W124 E300D TE
For a fluid change on my 722.435 gearbox, which is the same overall type of gearbox as the OP's, I buy 8 litres of MB gearbox fluid, A0019892103

I also buy a new strainer, sump gasket, and new sealing washers for both the sump drain plug and the torque convertor drain plug.

I can't comment upon fluid compatibility, because the fluid which is currently in there is unknown.


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Oct 9, 2007
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Stone, Staffordshire
As above; worth changing if you don't know when it was last done. The fluid, filters and gasket aren't a lot and it is an easy DIY job if you can get under the car.
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