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2000 CLK Cabrio/convertible 230K manual part roof problems

Discussion in 'Bodywork, Tyres, Wheels & Trim' started by mercedes ben, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. mercedes ben

    mercedes ben New Registration

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    Feb 13, 2009


    I've looked through the forums and at the Russian parts diagrams, I've pretty much had the assembly apart - but I still can't fathom how its supposed to be. - Please share any light...

    The manual handle/release for the roof, at the top and in the center has become very stiff. There is a circular black holding piece that the handle stem disappears into and this moves up and down by a centimeter or so - I dont remember it moving like this before. And now won't always move the two locking arms at either side. (not without a degree of wiggling, jiggling & pulling)

    The actual mechanism works fine (the rods, and locking arms, etc.) I have just unscrewed the four screws that hold the plastic cover which runs right along the front, and the four "poppers" so this cover was loose and I could see into the problem area without removing the handle.

    (There appeared to be some kind of locking pin rather than a screw or bolt for actually removing the handle itself, which I might end up needing to get off if anyone can tell me how that comes off, and goes back on!)

    I fiddled about with the spring inside the mechanism that had come unattached. And got the top of the spring back into one of the holes, and the other end of the spring back in the holding slot on the piece that swivels with the handle.

    I thought this would resolve it, put it back together - but no joy... I don't know whether the spring should latch/catch with any other parts of the mechanism to make it work?

    The roof will go up and down still, but the unlocking/locking handle I need to push up and pull down on the handle and it is in no way as smooth as it was.

    Has anyone else suffered a similar problem, can anyone tell me how to fix it, has anyone seen a schematic diagram for the parts I'm talking about, etc...

    I want it working properly again :(

    Thanks in advance (and for taking the time to read through that!)

  2. jtrogersblue

    jtrogersblue New Registration

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    CLK / 2001 / 320
    Same problem... how did you fix it?

    Hi, I have the same problem too; how did you fix it?


  3. Steve Mead

    Steve Mead New Registration

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    May 1, 2011
    High Wycombe
    Your Mercedes:
    CLK 230
    Just repaired mine. The handle came out totally!

    If your handle has not come out, get a small star driver, open the handle normally, turn it so you can access the screwed in locking pin. You cant access it without turning it!

    Rermove the handle so you can take off the plastic cover screws and gently prise the pop studs.

    Open the roof until it sits flat in the rear, then release the electric switch so it stops.

    You can work on it now from the back seat.

    Take out all the gold screws. Take off the the nuts securing the cables, 2 of them.

    Peel off the rubber strip. Remove the cloth glued to the edge.

    Take out the releleased complete plate that holds the roof release arms and handle mechanism.

    Turn it over and you can see there is a black cover plate over the handle mech.

    Undo the nut an expose the brass washer that is merely push fitted onto the top off the handle!!!

    There is the problem, it gets pulled out by use or catches!

    To fix it you need to put the spring, plate and spring, handle shaft and left and right lever arms in place, then burr the edges of the centre shaft over the washer to hold it in place!! Big hammer and sharp screw driver!

    A touch of super glue around the washer inner edge :)

    Replace everything.

    Plastic cover in place, then handle, you have to press down on the black spring piece, and turn the handle against the spring so you can now push the lock pin in and screw it back.

    Job done.
    Last edited: May 1, 2011

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