2002 Benz S210 320 CDi Glow-Plug Change (135k)


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Oct 22, 2017
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2002 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI S210
Well, I bit the bullet and changed my 6 x glow-plugs with much fear of breaking them at the back of my mind.

How I did it:

Drove the car until the engine was at temp. This expands the block.

Removed the top engine covers with the engine running still.

Stopped the engine.

Released the electrical connectors from the glow-plug tops using a pair of pincer-pliers.

Kept spraying GT-85 into the glow-plug wells.

Using a long 10mm shocket and 1/4 ratchet, applied gentle force to-and-fro (rocking motion) on each plug whilst spraying GT-85 into the well, eventually moving it around a millimetre, if that. It took some time.

Continued with the above on each glow-plug until the movement increased bit-by-bit and more, and so - and then they would turn, but still I’d apply gentle force with plenty of GT-85.

Removed all glow-plugs, but take care not to drop any crap down their respective holes.

Replaced all glow-plugs with new ones (Bosch), but applying a little copper grease to each thread before their application - for next time should they need to be removed.

Torqued each glow-plug to 20nm/14.75ftlb (or until they stop then a quarter turn should you not have a torque wrench).

Cleaned the connectors with an electronic spray and connected them to their respective glow-plug, then started then engine.

All good - stuttered at first, which will be a little leak of GT-85 into the cylinders ... second and third start, it fired without issue.

The glow-plug warning lamp now extinguishes and remains off following start-up.

Put the engine covers back on and done.

The key to this is a hot engine, GT-85, patience (even if it takes all day) and gentle force. Anything less or more is likely to result in breaking one or more glow-plugs and then you are done for.

Good luck.
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