2002 W203 200k screen demister issues


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Jan 6, 2017
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Hi all.

I have just become the owner of a 2002 c200k and am having some issues with the climate control system (base system with the rotating knobs). I know I definitely have a broken linkage on the footwell vent but somewhat more curious is the Screen demister.

With the air control pointing 'up' I get air through the side demist and centre dash vent but nothing through the screen vents. I have tried to reset the system (recirc and defrost buttons together) and during the cycle the screen vents operate at full capacity.

Using the defrost button has the same issue but I assume that this is because the EC button is permanently lit so the ac compressor cant kick in as part of the defrost system.

Anyone got any pointers as to what it might be?

I'm presuming that there will be another issue with a stepper or linkage deep inside the dash?


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