2003 W211 E500 airmatic issues *surprise surprise*

Andy Tolley

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Feb 27, 2018
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E500/2003/5.0 V8
My 2003 E500 saloon recently suffered from a leaky rear airbag and was dropping overnight. The leak was getting progressively worse so I decided to swap it with a new airbag. I didn't fancy paying £750 for an Arnott spring so took a risk and bought an unbranded but 2yr warrantied one from Germany for £200.

After installing the spring I am having issues getting the airbag to properly inflate to the correct height. There are no apparent leaks and the spring is staying inflated but quite low. I constantly have the "Visit Workshop" message, which was never displayed before. I also cannot adjust the ride height at the back at all.

To me, this sounds like I need to calibrate the airmatic using STAR. However, after ringing around local mercedes specialists, I have been told by one garage that "I shouldn't have to calibrate the suspension after changing air springs" and another tried to tell me that you cannot even calibrate the suspension on the E500.

Do you think this sounds like I have a faulty air spring or should I go ahead and just pay £100 and try get it calibrated using STAR?


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