2007 vs 2017 Estate Seats & Door Cards


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Jun 15, 2012
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2007 Merc 220 CDi Est Auto Av (s203)
Hello !

I need an "interior" expert...

I've seen a really nice set of seats an door cards for a 2017 C Class Estate. Not cheap at £480 with free collection from Northampton which isn't too bad (although typically they've just announced on Beeb that the area is being moved to Covid-3 on Thursday).

My car is a 2007 C Class Estate (S203) and it has so-called "Part Leather" and I tried a couple of options including asking a Trimmer to sew in leather sections - at least in the front but nothing has worked out at a reasonable price. I do like the idea of a complete set because 1 of the rear speaker facias has suffered a break no doubt, a careless foot/whatever - and the door cards do include the speakers. It's EBay # 203096046951

So I'm wondering if anyone has been down the route of retro-fitting a set of trim that's 10 years younger than their car? And what level of problem I might expect etc. Also I don't think my arthur rightis would let me do it so I'll either ask my friendly local garage or look for somebody who's able to do it - obviously for a fee.

I'll be very interested to hear any (polite!) opinions!

Stay safe, everyone!

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