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2013 E250 cdi amg sport estate coolant leak

Discussion in 'MBO, our Mercedes club' started by C D, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. C D

    C D New Registration

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    Sep 17, 2018
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    e250 cdi amg sport estate w212 engine 2013 63 plate
    Ok here goes. Ive got a niggling coolant leak. Been topping up quite a lot since I bought the car new to me, a little over a year ago.

    Ive whipped (if thats the correct term) the engine cover off and found coolant pooled in and around components top right as you look at it. There is a fair amount of coolant colored crust too.

    Firstly, can someone tell me what bits I'm looking at top right?

    What could be the issues there? It seems more pronounced after motorway use.

    Other than take it to a dealer and be skinned alive by some bandit talking about headbolts, egrs and what not as I glaze over and pass out face down at the cost, what could I do to halt the problem myself?

    I've checked the oil for signs of coolant contamination, its ok. Ive also noticed the screen wash is the same colour as the coolant (green) it used to be blue. So I've flushed that and will monitor for colour change.

    I'm a simple man that responds well to pictures and step by step instructions. I'm new to the forum experience and by no means an expert. I could not tell you what engine is in the car!! All this W212 this and that malarkey is confusing me.


    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Uncle Benz

    Uncle Benz Senior Member

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    Mar 31, 2006
    West Sussex
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    Mainly Mercedes
    Most likely to be from the coolant outlet pipe that also holds the fuel filter.
  3. John Laidlaw

    John Laidlaw Senior Member

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    Nov 15, 2013
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    UnMercs BMW i8 Volvo XC90
    ^ this which is evidenced by your motorway description- get it to a Mercedes independent who should be fair to you..
    Oh and your car is the W212 bit , your engine should be OM651....just for future reference ( it is confusing at first)
    Numbers you’ll find on your Vin

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