230TE Low Oil Light flicker


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Apr 26, 2005
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2003 S55 L AMG kompressor

Have just bought a cheap 1992 230TE off ebay to replace my 320TE that was written off by the two idiots behind me that didnt manage to stop in heavy traffic :(

The car has done 144k, has a full service history, Petrol, Auto and I think rides slightly better than my old 320TE :cool:

As is usual there are a few problems:-

- The low oil light flickers /stays on for a few seconds from time to time - I have checked the oil twice and its near the max. Also said light flickers when I turn the ignition on sometimes. Is this likely to be a sensor in the sump or something more serious ?. Oil pressure guage is fine by the way

- Aerial not going up but motor running - guess its either jammed or the teeth are worn away. I am going to take it out and see if i can fix otherwise will get a replacement from halfords or somewhere else ?

- Have got an option on some merc alloys - they are 7j with 205/60 15's , dont know the offset at the moment - will these be ok as a direct replacment to the steel wheels/will i need different bolts? Do i need to check the offset ?

- Whats the current oil recommendation for these cars ?

Can anyone point in the right direction for spare parts as I'd like to attempt a few of the easier jobs myself.

Thanks in advance


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