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Do You Need: 271 ECU De-coding

Discussion in 'www.replacementmercedeskeys.co.uk' started by Mark@RMK, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Mark@RMK

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    115CDi Vito
    Hi all,

    A few of my trade customers have shown me a very very common problem with the 271 engine (all the way up to 2009) where the loom somehow transports oil up to the ECU mounted on the side of the block! This damages different circuits on the ECU, I have seen a number of vehicles that have lost the Lambda sensor signal so when warm start miss-firing badly!

    This ECU costs around £1200 from an MB dealership!:(

    If you can source a used ECU (Breakers, Ebay or Dronfields maybe) we can de-code it ready to be programmed with STAR at your local independent. If it came from the same model then it will NOT need SCN coding. If you get a used ECU from a C class w203 and intend on fitting it to a w211 E Class then it will need to be SCN coded with star or your local dealership may help ( I haven't asked, But I will make a call in the morning!)

    Any questions post below!


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