A 150 fuel guage problem


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Jul 24, 2006
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Hi all,
Last night our A 150 went into reserve, the yellow light came on on the guage and the reserve fuel symbol came up on the dash. We only drove a few miles and this morning I went to our local BP station and put £10 of fuel in (I only put £10 in as my partner has a discount voucher from the supermarket and will fill up in the week). As I drove home I looked at the guage and it is still showing empty and the reserve fuel symbol is still up.

I know I put less than 10 Ltrs in, but that should be nearly 1/4 of a tank so my question is, has the float in the fuel tank got stuck as maybe it is not used to being in this low possition?
Or did I just put £10 worth of air into the car! I did notice that some of the other unleaded pumps were out of service, but surley the pump would not work if there was no fuel?


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