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[Spares] Bargain - collection of Ikea BESTA cabinets and bookcases

Discussion in 'Spares for Sale and Wanted' started by Setanta, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    I have the following set for sale which is part of the BESTA range from Ikea. They are all matching and in black-brown and are the deep storage units with adjustable legs.

    I used the tall cabinets as display cabinets for 1/12 and 1/18 scale cars (the wife did not like that!) and the dust levels were really low as the doors are adjustable so they can sit flush.

    The various units can be combined together in different ways to form a wall unit, or a series of side cabinets or a bridging unit.

    I bought extra doors, shelves (glass and wood) and also glass doors.

    In the interest of a quick sale, I am looking for £90 which is a fraction of the cost to buy new.

    2 x tall cabinets: 1 glass door, two wooden doors, extra shelves and glass shelf
    2 x add on height units with wooden doors
    1 x double width low cabinet with wooden doors
    3 x medium height bookshelves/cabinets with extra shelves and doors

    The whole lot would fit in a large estate (especially if there was a roof rack) if you broke it down into the component parts

    Photos can be seen here


    and I am in London (NW8)

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