Blinking CEL, NO CODES (dealership cant find anything)


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Aug 31, 2020
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316 cdi 2010
hi everybody.

hoping that maby some of you have some answers to my problem.

the car Is a 2010 316cdi, engine code: OM651.955.

it had an intercooler air leak for some time but ran great.
on a fairly long trip, after about 1900km Check engine came on and I lost power. had my scan tool with me and it showed a code for differential boost readings. deleted it after ever 10-15 km and made it the last 500km home. (code obviously from intercooler fault).when I got home I ordered a new intercooler and tubes, and while waiting I took the car to get EGR delete, DPF delete & a tune.
Fitted a new intercooler, code went away, and a new one (Maf error ) came on instead.
after fitting new maf making readings, checking wires, and everything, I gave up and took the car to an Mb dealership.
they changed a turbo sensor, made some adjustment and the code went away, the car drives better than ever, but the fxxing CEL is still Blinking!.

NO code (tried MB star, Delphi, icarsoft), the car runs great. But the light is still on, and the dealership has now given up trying to find the problem...

any thoughts? change Ecu ?

the car needs its inspection now, and even if nothing is wrong, it still won't pass with blinking CEL as of the rules in Norway...

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