Broken E350 any ideas welcome!


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Mar 30, 2018
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E350 Bluetec Estate, 2014
on holiday in France with our new to us (2014 model) E350 AMG Sport estate

Car was normal on our morning journey to Nice but after a few hours layoff was hard to start, got going eventually but gear changes were jerky and within 300m ground to a halt and would not start.

All electrics looked ok and there were no service messages. Fuel gauge read just under 1/4 so I bought a 5 litre can and some diesel. Car restarted but continued to run roughly with the engine management light showing Amber.

Fortunately we had purchased European Assistance and they collected the vehicle and took us to the local Mercedes dealer who have installed us in a hire car - so far all expenses covered.

The car will be looked at Tuesday but interested in any views on causes ? contaminated fuel? and possible repair costs- ouch!

John Laidlaw

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Nov 15, 2013
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BMW 530d X Drive Tourer M Sports
Might be gearbox ECU , if so not too tragic and a quite common repair....

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