C204 C250 coupe water in footwell


Jan 27, 2018
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C250cdi coupe 62 plate
Morning All

Firstly, I'm happy to say after a couple of months of ownership I've clicked with the car. Very happy with the overall driving experience (although I think the brakes could be sharper - I'll look into that).

Unfortunately, When I came out to the car to hoover it yesterday morning I noticed a little puddle in the footwell!! Tracing the leak, I noticed it was coming from a little grill shaped part of the underside of dash (where the bonnet release is). I unclipped the trim panel and followed it up with my hand but couldn't find a definite culprit.

I'm 99% sure its rainwater. It hasn't lost coolant and doesn't smell of anything. I poured a bottle down the drain on the left and the right of the scuttle panel (I believe there's only two drains?) and they both flushed straight through...

I dried the carpet as well as I could and let the trim off overnight with a microfiber underneath. It rained last night; the microfiber is bone dry.

I'm confused as to what to do... I don't know whether to chance it and see if it happens again before taking it in? It did make me think back to a couple of weeks ago when I snow foamed the car then jetted out the foam from this area. Could this have done it?

It could be something like this or it could be a grommet/windscreen seal/bonnet release....

Has anyone experienced similar? I obviously panicked massively after seeing a puddle in a merc!!!

Any input appreciated! TIA
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