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Feb 18, 2018
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C220 2002
Hi all,

My name is Erhan and Im from London. I have taken ownership of a Mercedes C220 2002 coupe auto for the last couple of months at 186,000 miles.

I am a car enthusiast and always do my own car work. However I have come unstuck with this ever so complicated and stubborn merc. I've done the snapped swirl flap inlet replacement. Black death repair which also needed the bolt threads re-tapped (nightmare), wishbones and so on. I have got the old girl to where I was almost done with making her a half decent car again.

The problem I have now is I sprayed carb cleaner through the intake to clean the egr system whilst engine was running and gave the engine bay a good wash.

After coming out to the car the next morning and starting her up I noticed the revs were not going passed 3000rpm, struggling to power on and no turbo kicking in.

I have changed the maf sensor, one of the control boost vacuum solenoid and cleaned the map and air temp sensor. I did this with second hand parts obviously from a merc breaker. The car revs normal now but still no turbo.

I managed to get a diagnostic done which came up with an error code - P1470-004
Charge pressure control short circuit.

I have done vac leak checks and can't seem to get any further with this.

I would be so grateful if anyone could advise on where this code is pointing towards and what I can do to rectify.

Also to mention the car does still have heavy exhaust fumes that I can smell next to the car outside and when using the heating even after fixing the injector leaks.
Not sure if this issue goes hand in hand with no boost, or possible exhaust cracked?


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