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Mar 12, 2013
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C220 CDI Sport 2008
Evening all,

After learning the hard way that the parking sensors cannot see very low down objects I've decided i'd really like to retrofit a reversing camera.

Has anyone else done it? Is it a DIY or professional job?

I would want the factory fitted type, not the type that replaces the numberplate light.

I have the comand system.

And one more thing, how to I tell what comand unit I have? Whilst looking on the web I see references to NTG 4, NTG2.5 ect?

Thanks in advance :)


Is this a W204? If so you have NTG4. If you want to go down oem route then it is more complicated to install. You will also need coding via STAR to enable it all.

Comand Online will have the price of the kit exc labour and coding. They can do it all for you. Websites down at the moment but i would expect it to be at least £400 but it could be much more.

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