Hi all,

Small problem: I've removed the oil filter cap (with filter element attached) from my C250TD (1999, saloon) but i now can't get the actual filter element out of the cap - i've tried pulling it, twisting (unscrewing) whilst pulling - everything I can think of but the damn thing wont come out. If I pull the filter whilst holding the cap it moves a bit but then stops, and will easily push back into the cap. Repeating this pulling process the filter element comes out to the exact same point, but no further! According to the Haynes the filter element should just simply come out but it wont come out for me and i dont wanna break anything!

I've uploaded two images of the filter (still in cap) for clarity. Any help would be much appreciated - i've only just bought the merc and i'm only used to canister type oil filters on my Mondeo which is easy enough to do.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!!
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Hi 250,

The paper element just pulls off but there are 2 (i think) O rings holding it in place. It needs a good tug. Your new element should come with 3 O rings 1 big one for the cap, 2 smaller ones that fit on the "stick" that goes up inside the filter element


Ok, cheers - when I get home I'll try it out - am I right in assuming the middle bit (with the two smaller 0 rings on) remains with the cap and the filter comes out independent? When I was trying I was just pulling on the filter rather than pulling the stick (didn't wanna damage the stick) is this the correct method (just grab and pull the filter not toucing the stick)?

Thanks guys :)

Thanks guys, for the speed of response and responding - i'll have a good go when I get home and let u know - thanks again, appreciate it :):)

Well, I tried pulling.. no joy - so I got the workbench out and genlty put between the bench planks the cap of the filter (making sure the lip was beneath the wood) and pulled (whilst standing on the bench foot rest).. no joy - got my mole grips and each time i attached them and pulled it took a piece of the filter out - in the end the filter "unravelled" and came of easy as pie - sorted - new one in, new oil in, new fuel filter and air filter and the baby is purrring - sweet - many thanks chaps :)