Cd changer W211 connector adapter


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Apr 19, 2009
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2007 mercedes E550 4 matic sport package
HI.My cd changer are broken so i buy used in the Ebay but from very good seller and with warranty.I have all the paperworks how change this changer,but i have 2003 E320 with A2/6 cd changer model and the new is Q4 model.The dealer say this changer fit my car for 100% but in the papers how change this changer is step number 8-when replacing the cd changer[a2/6]up to version Q4 i need some adapter for connectors.I already start changing my cd changer and i find the connector from the new changer not fit the connector from my car.This connector looks very simular but not fit perfect.So i try push the conector anyway and after couple moves this conector looks like he is conected with my car.But after i put everithing back and i try the new cd changer my radio sound working 30 second and 30 second not.The self opening door from changer opening and closing avery 15 second and the single cd player not working.ANd the the new cd changer not respond to any buttons pushing.The name for the conector from the changer is fiber optical cable coupling and in the installation manual have number 2 and the adapter have number 16.I just need the know if this adapter is something very important and have something the do with all this problems or the new cd changer is not good.orry for my terrible english and thank you for your time.

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