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Chris Knott :: FEBRUARY 2012 NEWS :: £115+ savings possible

Discussion in 'Chris Knott Insurance' started by ChrisKnottIns, Feb 15, 2012.

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    We've been away for a while due to losing the guy who looked after the forums for us but we've sorted things out now and are ready to contribute helpful comments to the forum again. If at the same time we can provide you with a competitive quote for your car insurance when it falls due - great!

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the car insurance market experienced unprecedented rate hikes last year with some drivers seeing premiums rise by as much as 40% due to the claims-farming/referral fee/whiplash/fraud fiasco.

    We understand that was a hard thing for motorists to take especially if you’ve been claim-free. It has been tough out there and even as the club’s own Insurance service we had to respond to insurers’ demands for higher rates. It’s true that we sadly lost some members from the scheme as a result. We recognise that when prices are altered so drastically it encourages a focus on cost alone. Even though we were still competitive for the majority, our continued promise of good service and a strong relationship with the club was not enough to keep everyone.

    The good news is that we’re now through the other side and as independent brokers we’d expect to once again be able to help the majority of members find the best deal – and that’s more about offering good quality cover at affordable rates than just cheap insurance. Offering bargain-basement cover is not the way to do the best for our customers. We couldn’t in all consciousness send members out on the road with anything other than solid cover, the assurance of a reputable claims service and broker backup should the worst happen.

    So the new message is… if we lost you last year we want you back and if we quoted you unsuccessfully last year please try us again this year.

    If you are one of the clients who left us at renewal, we understand why. But we do want you back. So much so that we’re offering you £20 OFF the best quote we can find when you give us a call this year.

    You might like to know that we're also currently offering club & forum members a £5 discount on UK Breakdown Cover - all the usual benefits (including HomeStart) PLUS some useful extras not normally covered by the big providers. For example, Chris Knott Breakdown Cover will help if you run out of fuel, accidentally damage your tyres, have a flat battery or you lose/break your keys.

    The policy normally costs £54.50 but until 31st May 2012 you can arrange Chris Knott UK Breakdown Cover at the discounted price of £49.50. Full details of the cover at http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/docs/ChrisKnottBreakdown.pdf

    Cover is 'per vehicle' and there are no age of vehicle restrictions. Just mention our 'Spring Saver' offer when you call.

    While we’re on the subject of discounts and offers, did you know that once you’ve insured a car with Chris Knott Car Insurance you’ll benefit from a loyalty reward of £20 OFF the cost of each additional everyday car you place with us?

    You’ll also be entitled to £20 OFF Chris Knott Home Insurance (£50 OFF if you have more than one car insured with Chris Knott Car Insurance).

    If you Recommend a friend to Chris Knott Insurance you can claim £20 OFF your next renewal when they go ahead with cover. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can recommend or the discount you can earn.

    If that’s not enough, all car policies now come with FREE KeyLocator cover – simply register your unique code online, attach the coded tags to your key rings and you’ll get them back if they’re lost and found. Modifications can be covered on a like-for-like basis and you have your own choice of repairer should you need one.

    We hope you’ll agree that, as we move forward together, the Chris Knott Insurance scheme is a good membership benefit – especially as we can save you a minimum of £115 if you take up all the above offers.

    We can’t guarantee to be the best for everyone – no-one can claim that. But if you're looking for good quality cover at a competitive rate definitely give the club scheme through Chris Knott Insurance a try when your renewal falls due.

    For a no-obligation quotation please call Chris Knott Insurance on 0800 028 6463 (or 01424 205073 – cheaper for mobiles)

    The smallprint
    Only one discount to be applied per policy with the exception of the Recommend a Friend discount.
    Qualifying policies must be ‘live’ at the time of redemption.
    Offers change from time to time so please ask about our current offers when you call.

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