CLK 320 CDi MkII II Initialisation Problem


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Mar 23, 2015
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Clk 2005 320 Cdi
I have a weird problem with my CLK which I bought new in 2005 and been more than happy with until the last couple of years. The problem seems to be related to the "initialisation" of the car systems ie stopping the car, turning the engine off, opening the door, then restarting often cures the problem!

The car has a number of options fitted - keyless entry, dynamic headlights, dipping near side wing mirror when reversing and the standard dropping / raising of the front and rear windows on opening / closing the doors. When starting the car (from cold) - sometimes - one or more of these systems does not initialise correctly eg the off side headlight points down rather than ahead, the near side wing mirror does not dip when reversing, the windows do not come back together on closing the drivers door. The weird part is that stopping the car, turning off the ignition, OPENING THE DRIVERS DOOR before restarting the engine will often fix things.

More problematic, but fixable by the same turn off / turn on approach, is a turbo issue. We often do a 200 mile largely motorway trip and take a break at a motorway service station about half way (100 miles into the journey). The car will have behaved fine for the first half of the trip but restarting the journey after a 20 min cup of coffee often causes the following problem: the car starts ok we set off to join the m/way via the slip road, I accelerate promptly to join the flowing traffic at which point the engine "coughs" a couple of times and power drops as the turbo cuts out! The car continues to operate but without the turbo urge! Stopping and restating the car seems to reset the turbo and the journey continues normally.

Over the last 3 months or so we've spent a load of cash trying to solve a problem that started with failure of the driver side keyless entry door handle ie the door refused to open (passenger side ok). Replacing the door handle fixed the keyless entry problem but the initialisation problems continued. Diagnostic testing by a Mercedes garage indicated voltage issues between various sensors. A new battery (the old one was original - 9 years old) didn't solve the problem but a new drivers side "door sensor" seemed promising.

Unfortunately, time is proving that a solution may be premature as the headlight and non dipping wing mirror problems have returned. I was thinking about getting the turbo problem fixed (Mercedes Garage estimate £1700!!!) but the "initialisation" issue is making me wonder if this is "good money after bad"??? Trouble is it was / is a nice car...

Anyone got any ideas / suggestions?

Regards and thanks

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