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Customer Loyalty Sale Event this weekend

Discussion in 'Meet Ups and Events' started by 600Tam, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK
    Your Mercedes:
    Friday February 7th - Monday February 11th
    Mercedes-Benz of Sheffield, Chesterfield and Doncaster
    - by appointment only - tammy.butler@jct600.co.uk or 01246 222600

    If you are thinking of changing your current new or used Mercedes-Benz in the next 12 months, this weekend might be worth your while to come to one of our 3 dealerships.

    Essentially we have been given a large pot of money from Mercedes-Benz and our JCT600 Group to use towards deposit contributions, but it can only be used on exisiting Mercedes-Benz owners. And we are only allowed to run the event for 4 days... When the pot is empty it won't be refilled again until next year.

    Last year's event saw over 350 customers visit us, and we were able to put over 120 into newer or upgraded cars.

    Quick examples are:
    E-class estate/saloon = £6,150 deposit contribution
    C-class saloon/coupe/estate = £3,900 deposit contribution
    CL-class = £16,314 deposit contribution
    CLS-class = £6,800 deposit contribution

    In addition all C-class, M-class, CL, CLS, SLK and R-class will recieve free GardX paint and interior protection.

    All E-class have a choice of £1000 retailer deposit contribution or a 2 year service care plan so you won't have to worry about any costly services.

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