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Jul 26, 2013
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A180 CDI 2006 1991cc

I am slightly upset that I have just forked out £248 to have the wiring loom for the door mirror indicator on the A180 that we own.

Initially the Mercedes garage assessed the problem without taking the mirror apart as broken wires inside the mirror caused by the folding natire of the mirrors. A total denial that this was a design fault. Mercedes would nopt make a contribution to the repair. Mercedes garage cost to repair was £351.

When taken to a local garage they indicated that when they spoke to Mercedes that this was a common fault, they also had knowledge of other A class cars with a similar problem.

You cannot replace the wires as clever Mercedes have made them all black.

This followed an £151 bill to replace a light bulb in the front bumper. The bumper has to be removed to replace the bulb - large labour charge!

Anyone with similar problems? What else can we look forward to with this car. We have had it since new.


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Mar 14, 2005
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A better design of the wiring harness could have helped on all the models just by making the mirrors a touch larger.

One reason why I will never have auto fold when locking, if you do not need them folded, do it when you need to.

A TV repair man could have sorted it out for £40 max in no time

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