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E63 Main dealer service experience

Discussion in 'AMG' started by AMGeed, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. AMGeed

    AMGeed Senior Member

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Poole, Dorset
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    2014 W212 E63 Biturbo
    So the E63 went into MB Poole this morning, my first time as a Mercedes owner that I've used a main dealer . It's on 31,999 miles and was due a B2 service.

    Turned up 10 minutes early at 7 50am to find a couple of other customers waiting for the doors to open.
    8am on the dot, a receptionist opened the door and started to take the reg and name of each customer and we were all allocated a different service manager.
    I'm beginning to see why main dealer services are that much more expensive than an indy. Like the NHS, its management top heavy. I looked into the office and at least 6 people were sat in front of PC monitors. Is servicing and repair work really that busy?

    Anyway, my details taken, driving licence photocopied and a quick recap of what work was being done, I was led out to my courtesy car. Jamie the Service manager apologised it was only a 69 plate 5k mile C220CDi but I was perfectly happy. It gave me a chance to check out the W205 and I have to say I'm impressed. Took me a while to find the seat heater that had been turned on and was burning my ar$e it was that effective. I like the dash layout, the comand screen that many hate, and the drive itself. If I had one criticism of the car I had it was the steering wheel is too busy with so many functions laid out there. But I'd get used to it in time.
    I noticed it was an AMG line with AMG monogrammed floor mats and alloys but at least there wasn't a boot badge. A 220CDi will never be an AMG. There, I've said it

    Around 10 30 I received a video message with the MB tech Ben checking the tyres, brake discs and pads, suspension components inc air struts at the rear, lack of oil leaks from the engine/gearbox and diff, and the exhaust system for corrosion. Got a clean bill of health with the pads front and rear at 6mm and 50% worn. A chance for MB to advise I needed new discs and pads? Well they didn't so fair play there.
    I'm surprised the P Zero front tyres are still at 6mm after a year of ownership and who knows how long before. I have to say they wear well. Rears are down to 3mm left and 5mm right so a new set (Goodyear As 5's) will be going on in the next month or two before the winter arrives.

    Got a call around 4pm saying the car had been serviced and the map updated to V19.0 2019/20 and it was ready to pick up.
    I'd asked them not to wash it and thankfully it wasn't. Paid £99 for the map update and checking the Service print out I'd had oil/filter, ATF/filter, brake fluid change, (which MB Chelsea missed in 2018) air filters and new key fob batteries.

    All told, a pleasant and positive experience. Thumbs up to MB-Poole
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  2. Larkone

    Larkone Senior Member

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    Aug 19, 2016
    NW Essex
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    CLS 320CDI 2008
    At their hourly rate what you received is the absolute minimum you should expect, the rub comes when they charge you full whack and do not do a proper job (BMW - (wifes car) are you listening)
  3. Frontstep

    Frontstep Senior Member

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    Apr 22, 2007
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    T210 320cdi
    Do you have a service plan ?
  4. Blobcat

    Blobcat Moderator

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    Feb 8, 2006
    Near Grange Moor (not Wakefield...)
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    R171 SLK280 3.0, Land Rover 110 County SW
    Yes, OP bought one as part of the 20% discount deal in September
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