eclass 220cdi 58reg 75,000 miles is it tappets


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May 9, 2007
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w211 e220cdi estate 58 reg facelift
the thread above is some of the history of this problem,the thread is dated and headed.....22.4.2013 engine noisy w211 58plate ....starting from cold, tappets dont sound to bad ,its a taxi,last night car ran for 6 hours non stop,finishing my shift decided to give it a sound thrashing,ran for 10 mins at 80 to 100 mph engine got nice and warm although not over heating,a week ago my man replaced big end shells definitely sounded better,new oil and filter with fully synthetic,normally when finishing a day shift there is only a slight increase in what i think is tappet noise,all town work so 40 mph for 20 mins then wait half hour for another job, but this time after 6 hours constant work and a sound thrashing pulled onto the drive, the rattle was quite loud and constant and even just like all tappets were rattling went out to it this morning started her up ,it was just as previous mornings making the usual noises,nothing really drastic but definitely slightly noisier than my previous 56 plate that had 300,000 miles on it ,if it was the lifters would the tappets open up more when hot,any ideas guys,thanks in anticipation for any advice ps car drives spot on
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