Ets abs ?


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Jan 8, 2010
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central scotland, for now !
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People’s, 2003 w163, ml 350 petrol. High miles. Recently, admittedly when cold, ets, abs lights, left of dash illuminated. Stop, remove key and normally lights stay out. Did notice one rear tyre was bit low pressure, re inflated and ok. Dosnt seem any symptoms or other signals that are common to the lights. The cruise control does not work when the lights are on. Speedo does work lights or not. Is it possible that abs actuators are changing air gap when cold ? Or is this something completely different ? Check engine light has recently started to light up occasionally, also service in 1000 miles. I assume these are unrelated ! Need to get a code reader plugged in but any common issues re these lights ? Thanks in advance , Scott

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