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Oct 10, 2020
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C Class / 2013 / 220
Hi all,
Had the diesel software update on my 2013 220 this week (what a mistake!).
When I got home after (7 miles), I had an engine management light which was P0546 exhaust temp error and strong exhaust gas smell. I took straight to main dealer the next day which I had to argue for them to do anything.
Picked the car up the same day, they had changed said temp sensor, managed to get home and drive 12 miles before the same engine light / error code has appeared. Rang main dealer with the receptionist telling me it's ok to drive it, I did point out that I'd be totally happy for them to pay for a new CAT if it gets damaged due to her advice which quickly changed her mind. Now it's waiting at the front door of the main dealers for Monday morning.
Any one experienced anything like this or have any clue what could be the concern?
Thanks in advance.

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