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Since early last week I have a Jasper Blue CLK 200, 60k auto with 18 inch AMG (?) wheels - I'm delighted and it looks stunning. Performance seems adequate and economy better than expected.

According to the Russion MB owners club spec it has pre heating (which it doesn't) and lowered seats (why?)

I would appreciate some advice though:

1. It's got the dreaded Valeo rad - how does this affect the gearbox if there is a problem? As it has been OK for 60k miles will it last or am i in the "lap of the gods?

2. I wish to fit my Harmon Kardon Drive and Play to use my Ipod (the kit is down to £40 in Hlafords - I paid a lot more for mione 5 years ago). I'm loohking for a blanking plate for the cubby below my Audio 10 system to fix the HK to - anyone with any ideas?


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Jul 12, 2008
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Welcome to forum.

I believe they might have had the spec recognized in correctly. Lowered seats it should have, Try to move the side adjustment button up/down and see if the seats move up or down. I have this facility on mine and its a reall treat as i hate to be sitting high up when driving.

With regards to Valeo Rad, that is unfortunate and you should get it checked and if possible have it replaced as it could cost you a new gearbox.

you can buy the blanking plates from halfords, i believe Auto leads do them in black which will colour match the car as well.

Its a lovely car and i do hope you enjoy it. What spec have you got, Elegence/Sport or Avangarde?


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Mar 14, 2005
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The rad should it fail will cause a humming droning sound when pulling in at arounf 1600-2000 rpm.

The is a firm in Ireland that was selling new rads at £200

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