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Mar 5, 2008
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For Malcom, Senior Member.
You recently told me to spray a non drying switch cleaner on the fuses & fuse box on my w202 to solve a problem. I cant find this cleaner anywhere, can you give it a brand name, like WD40.
Thanks for your help
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Sep 20, 2005
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Your Mercedes
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Definately not WD40.

Try Maplin, look or ask for electrolube contact lubricant or an equivalent.

I have spent the last 45 plus years dealing with a very wide range of electronic/electrical stuff and would not myself bother using the just a quick spray and it will be fine technique, it just does not work reliably and some so called switch cleaners can melt or degrade plastics.

In those now distant days of chlorinated and flurocarbon solvents the solvent could remove some or most of the oxides but modern green/safe (the only ones you can get) solvents cannot.

A better way (unfortunately this will take time) would be remove all the fuses (disconnect the battery ground strap first) and clean up the contacts by mechanicaly removing any surface contamination on the surfaces of the contacts, avoid using rough abrasives or emery (emery = aluminium oxide which leaves a slightly conductive dust), Those green pan scrub things work but if its very heavy corrosion very fine sand paper or even Tcut will be OK.
Electro plated contacts call for care not to destroy or cut through the plating whilst they are cleaned.

Fit all new fuses which by nature will be devoid of surface corrosion.
There are all sorts of things which could be applied to help prevent corrosion of the contacts, I have used among other things, proper contact lube, waxoyl (it can melt some adhesives) , silicone grease (clear not white) and the red grease for air rifles, all seem satisfactory.
Some of the fuses made today are aluminium and their end contacts can corrode for fun especialy the old style torpedo fuses as used on 124 era cars.

Try to avoid putting protective films where they are not needed, i.e. only at the contact point. Remove all the cleaning debris before any protection is applied.

Ensure the covers and water proofing will not allow damp into the fuse box, an ill fitted fuse box cover can help destroy the entire fuse box.


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Mar 14, 2005
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Your Mercedes
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Yes as the above post,,they are excellent

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