Gear Change query on 96/97 C230K Auto


Mar 30, 2009
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Merc C230 sport (1997 P reg) BMW 518SE (1996)
I wonder if anyone could advise, I have 96/97 (P) C230K Sport and the gear changes can be a bit rough. If you barely put pedeal down they can be smooth but when you get to what I believe is 4th the revs go up slightly befroe the gear kicks in, (similar to manual gear change where you flick the accelerator before changing gear) On start up the gears do stay longer but i believe this to be normal so the cats warm up. Does this model have a MAF? or is there something else. I have recently had a gearbox service both oil and filter were changed the car has done 12000 miles. I have not seen any leaks but was advised that when i had an engine service there was a little oil around the box and level was low which is why i had the gearbox serviced afterwards.
Any advice welcome. Thanks

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