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Great Service - has to be shouted about

Discussion in 'General Mercedes-Benz Related Discussion' started by AND15S, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    Mercedes Sprinter 315cdi, Mercedes Vito 111cdi
    I recently looked around a number of dealers to do the head gasget on my mercedes sprinter 2.2 diesel. (906 chassis - 315cdi). I was surprised to see such a vast difference in the prices - the prices ranged from 871 plus vat to 1748 plus vat - all for the same work. This was to strip the head down, pressure test and skim as required, new gasgets and bolts, fluids etc and put everything back together again. The quote I went for ended up to be the cheapest BUT was also the best! They collected my vehicle, some 25 miles away from their garage, left me with a courtesy vehicle, carried out the work, brought the vehicle back to me where I was working and collected their courtesy vehicle 3 days later. They never made a fuss when they realised that my vehicle had air conditioning fitted (and as such therefore needed re-gassing as part of the work) They just got on with it and stuck to their original quote. And finally it turned out that in the process of carrying out the work they had trapped a wire causing the check engine light to flash after they had dropped it off to me. They sent out a service 24hr mercedes truck IMMEDIATELY, who diagnosed the fault and arranged to collect the vehicle on the SUNDAY of that week (because the van was needed for work) which they did and then returned it late that day all fixed and as promised. So RYGOR commercials (mercedes franchise) Well done for not only being the most competitive but also for giving the after service and peace of mind that we all perhaps take for granted from a franchise dealer!!!! ( and no I don't work for them! )

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