Headlamp C220 W203 replacing: Part number?


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Aug 12, 2009
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C220 CDI W203
Hi all

I have bought my first merc couple of months back and I am just loving every moment of it, my model is C220 CDI, 2003 plate and my mate has got a similar car but 2004 model however I really like his head and fog lights.

My lights are similar to the one in picture 1 below


and his lights are similar to the one in picture 2 below.


Could you please advise if I can get my headlamp and fog lights replaced to the one in picture 2 if so is it a straight swop, and can I local garage easily do without messing the sensors etc?

Also does anyone knows the part number from the lights I need to buy in the second photo?

Many thanks for your advice in advance.


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