Help needed Please! Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI Sprintshift hydraulic/gearbox oil change


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Help needed please! Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI Sprintshift hydraulic/gearbox oil change

Hi, I've got 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI sprintshift model, I'm having problem with hydraulic pump and going to remove it by myself, I just wana know that is there only one oil for gearbox and hydraulic pump or separate oil for gearbox and separate oil for hydraulic pump, could some one please tell me how to change hydraulic pump/gearbox oil? also do I need to bleed it after refitting the hydraulic pump and what's the procedure to bleed it?
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It is pentosin oil and does not need changing. If you need to top up then you fill through the fill hole until oil runs out of the level hole. You will need to look on the bottom of the gearbox and find the words "fill" and "level" next to the plugs.

Probably best to over fill it slightly then have a drive round and then drain the excess off through the level hole.

No need to bleed any thing.

You should change the electric motor and the relay at the same time. (A fault with one can cause a failure with the other.)