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Feb 15, 2013
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North Wales, UK
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Just wanted to say hi,
I recently(ish) purchased a 53 plate CLK500 and although it's not perfect (with 110,000 miles you can't expect showroom!) but I have been nothing but pleased with it.

A few things that need sorting as I had an unlucky first month with it and lost:

  • The drivers side Xenon control unit
  • One of the front sensor for the Parktronic looks like it got pushed in (with a sponge while washing it!? LOL) so that errors normally straight away if I leave it on.
  • A/C controls for passenger side drops off Auto randomly
Also problems I knew about when I got it:

  • Clicking from behind the dash I suspect is a broken climate control arm
  • Drivers side key-less entry doesn't work and by swooping the handless with the passenger (well plug-in it in clearly it won't fit to use it) I worked out it's just the handle.
  • 4 new tires needed - Done
  • Wiper blades were damaged - Replaced with Merc OEM
  • Seat belt retraction is very weak and they need replacing
  • And the day I purchased it the guy (right in front of me) slammed the glove-box with his knee while turning around and broke the latch!) :( That was crappy luck! But seems to be a common fault as of the 6 I looked at two had broken latches and I couldn't open the glove-box!
  • Distronic Cruise Control was pointing to the left and picked up the other lane more than the car in front - Got it re-set (via computer) and it's fixed it
Anyway that's the things wrong but for it's age, mileage and the price I paid I am more than happy to work though them and fix them. :)

Car drives really well and although it's not pulling back 70mpg it's fairly constantly pulling back 20mpg (doesn't seem to make much difference how heavy my right foot is! LOL) and that is what I budgeted for when I got it so that's fine (and still 5mpg better than my last 3Ltr Twin Turbo Mitsubishi GTO which wasn't as nice to drive).

LOVING driving a Merc and glad I made the change from Jap to German. Kept the reliability and gained some nice driving and better dealers. :)

So HI I'm Gaz!
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Aug 1, 2012
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welcome to the forum, i'm sure you will fee right at home here.

Sounds like you have had a few problems with your car but once the niggles are sorted you will love it even more :D


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Mar 14, 2005
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Hello and welcome, nice cars, you are doing OK getting down the list of things to do

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