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How much to repair/paint rotting door bottoms 2001 W163?

Discussion in 'Bodywork, Tyres, Wheels & Trim' started by Tontastic, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Tontastic

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    Oct 25, 2006
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    ML 270 CDI 2001 ; C180 1999
    ML 270 / W163 2001

    The bottom of my near side doors (front and back) are both starting to show considerable surface rust. The paint has now flaked off and its starting to look really bad. Its not a huge area, just the corners.

    Given its increasing age i wasn't sure how much longer i would hold onto the car after a couple of expensive years maintaining it, but it just sailed through its MOT so its on my mind to tidy it up a little.

    Does anyone have a ball park cost to repair the door bottoms and respray? I've never dealt with this before and i'd rather have a price in my head when i go to see a man in case my poker face escapes me.

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