How to change plastic fuel lines on CDI engine Part 2


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Jul 29, 2007
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These two pipes are held in by two clips be careful when removing them that you unclip them from the top because they will break if tried to be unclipped from the bottom.
As you can see from the picture above the clip on the pipe is different to that of the first pipe to get this out, you need an 8mm socket and remove the bolt this then removes the cover and allows the pipe to be removed.

The other end of this pipe is the same as the first pipe. However, I was not able to remove it because I could not push the white clip forward enough, so I cut the pipe this allowed me to turn the clip and remove it.

The next pipe also has a different fitting on one end of it, there is no white part to the clip so this means that at the back of the pipe you need to push the clip so that it releases it and you are able to remove it.

This is the fitting as you can see the fitting gets pushed in at the back and this brings the sides out so that the pipe will come out.
I could not remove the pipe by pushing the clips in so I broke the clips off allowing me to remove the pipe.

At this point both of these pipes need to be changed at the same time because on is behind the other one.

Once all of the pipes are on your engine will have four clean pipes.

May be a good idea to change the fuel filter at this time if it’s anywhere near due. Once your finished all that remains is to crank the engine sufficiently to purge the air. Remember not to crank for too long so as to overheat your starter. Give it a few long cranks then rest for a minute or so. If your battery is not in good order you may find it runs out of charge before the engine fires in which case your going to have to re-charge and try again -- Good Luck !!


Feb 8, 2006
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