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Hunting for ML 164

Discussion in 'General Mercedes-Benz Related Discussion' started by Chris810, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Chris810

    Chris810 Member

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    Nov 19, 2012
    North Yorkshire
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    ml 350 bluethingy
    I am on a hunt for a W164 ML, I have never mercedesed, merced? before so I would like a little information from those much more knowledgeable than me ( crawl crawl )

    I have seen cars with 55 plates ( which look ok to me ), cars on 08/09 plates ( which look ok to me ) and all manner inbetween I understand that the cars were facelifted in 08-09 can anyone explain what the differences are ? I have a 20k budget and intend to use it for work at about 30-40k/year I used to use land rover products but I am looking for more reliability (much more reliability) I am not bothered about command as I intend to upgrade that to get full postcode and I pod connection

    I have restricted my search to SE ( leather ) and then further to Light colour interior

    so I have a couple of questions

    1 are all uk supplied cars fitted with roof rails as standard?
    2 I assume that the differing tyre/wheel sizes are the same rolling radius
    3 is the 55 profile wheel tyre combination particularly crashy over poor roads ( i am looking for a good ride quality )
    4 is the air suspension worth going for ?
    5 Are imports a route to look at?
    6 are 150k milages feasable with reasonable reliability ? ( my last vehicle a Volvo XC70 did 150k no problems except for routine services)
    7 I know its personal choice but why specify a black interior , if you want a BMW buy a BMW ;)

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