Intermittent central locking, indicators, instrument panel & electric windows fault Vito cdi lwb


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Apr 11, 2020
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Vito 111 CDI LWB 2148cc

I have an intermittent electrical fault whilst I’m driving my Vito cdi lwb 2148cc. The central locking randomly locks and unlocks as well as the indicators, windows and mileage display stop working. They usually start working again within seconds but clearly the electrical system is unhappy about something.

It used to do this a couple of years ago but stopped after it went in for a repair on the steering. It hasn’t done it for the last 18 months but started again after I disconnected and re-connected the battery whilst I fitted a split charge relay to charge a leisure battery. I disconnected the relay & leisure battery but the problem didn’t go away.

Any ideas?
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