Is it possible to update the maps of Garmin navigation cards bought from eBaY?


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Feb 1, 2018
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2016 C-Class Sedan (W205)
Hey there.

I have a W205 C-Class Sedan without Comand, so just the Garmin navigation. I bought an SD card for the Garmin from eBay, which has been working perfectly for around a year, until now. Assuming this is a problem with an outdated map, the research I've done indicates that the primary way to update these is to plug the SD card into the PC and run the Mercedes Download Manager.

However, there are are two problems with this:

- When I actually run the Download Manager and insert the SD card into the PC, it shows that the map is a 2016 version (V6.0) and the VIN field is pre-filled with a VIN, but after clicking Verify & Restore I get the following error:

Your VIN is not available. Please contact your hotline if you have an original Garmin Map Pilot SD Card.

I assume this means that some part of the VIN associated with the SD card is invalid.

- Based on the research I've done and what I've seen on forums, as of 2017 the Mercedes Download Manager is only guaranteed to update the Map Pilot's firmware (what it calls the navigation software), and it's hit-and-miss as to whether it will update the maps along with it or whether the 60-day rule will apply instead.

Does this mean that there is absolutely no way to update Garmin SD cards that are bought from eBay, and that the only way forward is to buy a new one from the dealership? Does anyone know of a way to do this that doesn't involve spending more money?

Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate the help.

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