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Is my gearbox over torquing

Discussion in 'Engine, Drivetrain, Fuel and Exhaust' started by fester, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. fester

    fester Guest

    Heys guys problem again with my Jeep. Running the 2.7 CDI with the NAG1 gearbox (W5J400)

    I'm in the process of getting a custom tune done. In testing today whilst driving,the car just shut down. Not actually limp mode just complete shut down. It looks like the engine remains on briefly at idle but by the time I coast to the side of the road it is off. It's pretty smooth like the box has just dropped into netural and in fact as I was stopping I put it into netural and back to drive and no difference. The check light comes on and stays on. When I turn the car off and restart it drives fine although the check light remains unless I clear it with the flash tool. Overall it drives fine except under heavy load when it cuts off. I can climb hills etc with moderate throttle in normal traffic but heavy throttle action brings it on. Happened say half a dozen times.

    As a test I reloaded the original tune and did 3 full power runs from standing start letting the engine rev and change up naturally at about 4,000 rpm. Each time fine and wanted to keep going in top from 120kph on. I immediately stopped and reloaded the tuned file and tried the same in a back to back situation and only got about 80 metres before shutting down again.

    Although I wouldn't consider the car now a rocket ship I'm wondering if we are hitting a torque limit that is causing a protective shut down. It doesn't sound like a typical limp mode that most encounter from a mechanical issue.

    Feedback/ alternative suggestions. It is not easy for me to duck down and get a diagnostics scan done as the nearest Jeep dealer is at least 80klms away and I'm not sure they can read the 2.7 properly from other feedback I have had.
  2. turbopete

    turbopete Senior Member

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    Feb 4, 2009
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    2010 '60' Ford Mondeo 2.0TDCi Zetec (sorry)
    sounds like a duff map to me! im pretty sure a torque limit, if there is one, would just cause limp mode
  3. Corned

    Corned Senior Member

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    Jun 25, 2012
    East Midlands
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    2005 S211 E320CDI Avantgarde
    Regardless of the reason for the shutdown, the fact that the car returns to normal when the original map is restored tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the remap!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2012

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