Just found rust on my CL203....


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Jan 4, 2013
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Washing the other half's CL203 tonight and found a tiny spot of rust just starting on the inside bottom/rear corner next to the panel fold. So, off to the local MB dealer tomoro....

The car is a '56 plate with full MB history and has done 58K and is in excellent condition. Does anyone have any tips before I visit the dealer on what to say/argue for etc, please? Which part of the warranty, exactly, should cover this?

I really thought the rust issues were fixed on the C Class by this reg........


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Nov 16, 2007
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See what they have to say first of all.. I do believe that the inspecting dealer or authorised Bodyshop have a big influence on the decision to repair under warranty or not..
They may claim that the rust is due to stone chipping or other paint damage, and your comeback should be along the lines of this car has been meticulously serviced by the MB dealer network since it was new, why has this not been spotted and dealt with... but be firm and polite

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