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Dec 25, 2011
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Derby UK
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E200 Kompressor Classic 02 C220 Elegance N
E class 200 turbo 2002

Persistent message occurs to check for a defective lamp. All lamps checked found to be okay, but warning persists. Switch-off ignition and it indicates 1 malfunction and check lamps.

Start engine and depress brake pedal, the ABS & BAS/ESP warning lights illuminate and it indicates 4 malfunctions

Turn off ignition and restart engine all warning lights go out, but check defective lamp warning persists when ignition turned off together with 1 Malfunction until brake pedal is depressed when ABS BAS/ESP warning lights illuminate together with 4 malfunctions indicated.

A recent problem with Engine Management Control Unit turned out to be a faulty connection within the main wiring harness connector.

This fault with the ABS BAS/ESP warnings occurred during the first long trip of 100kms or so.

Have tried a new stoplight switch but problem persists, though I'm pretty sure it is something silly and reluctant to be held to ransom by Mercedes. who are well aware of my sentiments, in this respect.

Maybe I need a diagnostic tool of my own and would be grateful for advice in respect of what is available.
Best regards

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