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Autoglym is inviting members of the MBO Forum members to a competition giveaway with a royal seal of approval.

The passionate and HRH-warranted detailing specialist has spent almost as long perfecting its art as the Stuttgart marque has spent honing its flagship saloon; and as
such, this generous haul of car care goodies is headlined by the complete collection of Autoglym's range-topping Ultra High-Definition line.

The top prize in this giveaway is the full collection of Ultra High-Definition products: Ultra High-Definition Shampoo, the new Ultra High-Definition Polishing Compound, Ultra High- Definition Ceramic Coating, and Ultra High Definition Wax. Together, this assembly has a recommended retail price of almost £200. But while there can be only one outright winner, Autoglym has arranged for ten runners-up to receive a bottle of the company's brand new Rapid Ceramic Spray protectant.
Ultra-High Definition (UHD) products are designed to turn car care into pure pleasure. The packaging looks like something an aged single malt is presented in, yet you will be more impressed with the next-level finish delivered by Autoglym's four-point detailing programme. Working in sequence, the UHD line-up makes the perfect harmonious team, thoroughly cleaning, renovating, protecting and shining
your vehicle's paintwork to a standard that will leave professionals impressed.

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First up is UHD Shampoo, a luxuriously smooth and high-foaming cleanser that is designed to loosen dirt and hold it safely in suspension until the suds can be rinsed away with clean water. The pH neutral formula leaves a silky smooth, high-gloss finish and is enhanced with an irresistible fragrance that will make you question whether it is actually you enjoying a well-deserved spa day. A clean surface can highlight imperfections, however. So, at this point, you may want to restore the finish with Autoglym's newly released UHD Polishing Compound, which will make light paint defects vanish before your very eyes.
Administered using a dual action machine polisher, the diminishing abrasives in this ultimate polishing formula are designed to be as safe as possible while still being tough enough to cut through scuffs and scratches. Locking in this mirror-like finish is UHD Ceramic Coating, a five-part kit that provides the most durable paint protection product that Autoglym has ever released and the ultimate, complementary barrier against contamination.
Disarmingly simple to apply, this semi-permanent clear coating uses a clever polymer resin formula that bonds with the paintwork to lock in a seamless and naturally hydrophobic finish that will last for up to 12 months.

With the paintwork now protected, the car care process is completed with UHD Wax, a product that represents the pinnacle of more than 56 years of advancements in car care treatments. With minimal effort on the part of the applicator, its meticulous blend of carnauba wax and other fine ingredients takes the concept of a showroom shine to a higher plane. In fact, it delivers the sort of lagoon-deep finish that owners will derive great pleasure in standing back and appreciating with a knowing nod.T & C apply, see website for
more details.

For your chance to win this complete collection of Autoglym Ultra High Definition products, simply answer the following question:

What year did Autoglym market its first car care product?
For a clue, visit

Send your answer to subject: Autoglym Comp with your Full name
(with MBO membership number if applicable), address, and telephone number by 31st March 2021.

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T & C apply, see website for more details.


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Thank you. Looking forward to using this.
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