Max USB Memory size ? / IPOD no go - Fun with COMAND (NTG 4.0) on a W204


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Aug 16, 2013
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I've had my C350CDI for a couple of weeks now. Lovely car, enjoy driving it immensely.

I have the COMAND unit, with the multi disc changer, nav and media interface. I was given a new set of cables from the supplying dealer.

I have a 5th gen iPod classic which when connected displays incompatible device. So no tunes from that. I tested the USB interface, which worked great for the 8GB memory I had lying around. I upped the ante by clearing an 320GB hdd. Formatted in FAT32 and loaded it up with MP3s, about 80GB worth which equates to 10000 tracks. Plugged it in "incompatible device"

I've also looked for BT streaming from my phone, apparently that only came with NTG4.5 on the facelift W204

So have you guys and gals got ther iPod working ?
Have you managed to get a hdd working with it ?
What is the largest memory stick you got working ?

I'd like to get the largest economical size, say 64GB.

Please detail your experiences.

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