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hi there

i've recently bought a merc 300 ce 24 and am very pleased with it having owned a nissan 350z and a lexus/toyota soarer in the last year i think i'll be hanging onto this for a while!

Anyway, i wanted to change the wheels but most sites don't list the 300 ce so i'm not sure what to go for. does anyway have any recommendations, preferably companies around london and also what would be the optimum size for alloys. forgive me, but my technical knowledge is lousy as long as it's nippy and looks good i'm happy so advice would be appreciated.



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Sep 17, 2002
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W124 wheels are common to all the models. There are two basic sizes for alloy wheels - 6.5 x 15 and 7 x 15 for Sports Chassis cars. They use 195/65 and 205/60 tyres respectively

There were a few other sizes on AMG & other versions, such as 7.5 x 17 with 225/45 tyres

I wouldn't go too crazy with wheel diameter as the suspension on these cars is designed to work with fairly high-profile tyres with soft sidewalls. If you fit very low profile tyres on 18 or 19" rims they have stiff sidewalls and the resulting loss of ride comfort can be a bit of a shock

A very useful source of information can be found here:

There's a fair bit of background information on my site:

Nick Froome

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