Mercedes Viano Rear Seat Tilting Problems


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Jul 2, 2009
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S class, E Class, Viano
We have several Mercedes Vianos all less than 3 years old. every one of them has problems with the rear bench seats. These are fitted with a side handle to release the locking mechanism that allows the back of the seat to be tilted forward allowing access to the rear. They are always giving problems and the dealers solution has been to put 'dobs' of glue on the plastic adjuster mechanism. This lasts about 3 days and then back to square one. I noticed that one of the vehicles has a seat with a different sort of cable. instead of the silly plastic adjuster, there is a metal tube nut. This seat has never failed. The dealers are telling me that no one else has had a problem with the seats! Is it realy only me or are other people having trouble too? Is there a solution? Alan..

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