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Jun 14, 2008
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ML 350 2010
Driving the car out the carpark today the seatbelt began to tighten. This quite normal but today it didn`t stop. So much so I had to remove the belt and watch it rolling all the way back into the door pillar. As the seatbelt was winding in the ABS/ESP unavailable fault message appeared on the dash, along with the Yellow warning Triangle.
I stopped the car and switched off of to see if anything would clear, the only way the seatbelt would unwind was using a bit of force, once this was done and the car started the belt worked as normal. The passenger belt done exactly the same thing.
The car has had a ABS sensor done before so I`m looking at another sensor(unfortunately not standard cheap ones) but it was the seatbelts that concerned me. When the sensor went before this never happened.
Has anyone heard of this before or is it quite normal for the belts to do this and I just never noticed it the last time, and is the car safe to drive in town?

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