My misfiring problem solved???? maybe???


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Mar 28, 2007
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I started a thread yesterday about my car misfiring badly, my friend who owned it before replaced the coil packs, MAF sensor (turns out it is a BOSCH unit I checked this afternoon) and a speed sensor on the back axle, I replaced the fuel filter and the spark plugs and put in injector cleaner all to no avail

it was booked in this afternoon at my local garage they hooked it upto to a Snap On diagnostic kit and this is what it came up with

7 - Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor B17 open circuit

10 - Hot Film Mass Airflow Sensor Bank 2/5 open circuit

84 - Short Term Self Adaption Idle/P Load Exceed

8 - Intake Air Temp (IAT) Sensor B17 Intermittent Contact

My mechanic cleared the codes, i switched the car off then back on again run another check and the last item came back, this happened twice

Anyway after clearing the codes (barring the last one as it keeps coming back) the car is running fine (touchwood) what I think has happened the faults developed were stored in the ecu but my friend never ran a diagnostic

Anyway back to this last item he checked on his computer and this is word for word what it says

Idle Speed Control (ISC)
Fault location (it maybe one or more of these)
Intake Leak
MAF Sensor
Throttle valve tight/sticking

Thanks for everyones help in the previous thread, hopefully this may help someone in the future

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