My right hand indicator, tail gate electronic locking and rear wipe not working

Kym Wickham

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Apr 16, 2018
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220 CDi
Hi all. Don't know if anyone can help me but, when we returned after a month in Australia after all the really poor weather in February, my 220 CDi estate wouldn't start. A friend used jump leads to start it but, stupidly although he attached them the right way round on my car, he put them on the wrong way round on my friends' Volvo. Her car is fine but since this my rear wiper, right hand indicator and brake light and boot lock won't work (although I can open the boot with the key OK. I have had it put onto a compùter that has indicated that the "brain" is OK and all the fuses have been checked and those that were blown have been replaced. The car has a towbar but we've even tried that! The light cluster on the left is working and so is the rear washer, but not the wiper. Any ideas? It has already cost me 200 quid to not have it fixed!!


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Aug 1, 2012
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Newark, Notts
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Welcome, it's likely the rear SAM that's been blown during the jump, if I were you find a respected Indy in your area with STAR diagnostics, should confirm exactly what the fault is.

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