My W124 wont RUN:(


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Sep 8, 2009
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Hi there. I´m owner of MB w124 E220(1994) and he have no run for now few month.

it start when I was driving. it was like he turn of the fuel pump and put here back in. I change the fuel pump. but he don´t run I toke out the fuel pump relay and relapsed it for new one. the I got anther ECU but wont run then in got new crank sensor but he are not running. Now people are telling me there are some kind of alarm in this car how can be stuck on... and I have not bin using the remote key for like tow year beaus he just pass away for like tow years a go. now I have remote key from anther car and I like to try him before I buy a new one can any one here tell me how I will code him for my car. or tell me what is wrong whit my car I want my MB back tired of driving VW...................

Best regards Hafthor Runar Sigurdsson :cool:


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Mar 14, 2005
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Hello and welcome to the forum

The fault on your car could be the mobilizer and this can be taken out of the car.

You cannot re program another key,,that is not possible

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