need files for ECU A646 150 10 79 / BOSCH 0 281 011 741


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Jun 19, 2013
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Your Mercedes
C220 CDI SE Sport Coupe
I need Your help
Has anyone can send me Eeprom + Flash + MPC556 files for my ECU?
I owned Mercedes C220 CDI 2004 SE Sport Coupe with Automatic Gearbox with the engine 646.963 model and 722.699 Automatic gearbox.
My ECU is faulty - the main processor, so I have bought a new Motorola MPC556LF8MZP40 processor and replaced it on BGA machine. Now, i have to program the ECU. I have BDM100 too to program it. The only thing I need are files, I couldn't get theme from my unit before I was replacing the processor because of missing communication with the ECU.

The ECU No: A 646 150 10 79 / Bosch No 0 281 011 741

Thank You very much for help in advance

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